About ANFL

Established in 1994, ANFL specializes in the manufacture of quality, high protein ingredients used to prepare feeds for aquaculture and poultry. The company also manufactures value-added products like seafood extracts and hydrolysates from marine sources. ANFL is India's first and only producer of Squid Liver Powder. ANFL also produces Dehydrated Clam Pieces, Sterilized & Steam Dried Squid Meal, Sterilized & Steam Dried Fish Meal, Sterilized & Steam Dried Shrimp Head Meal, Sterilized & Steam Dried Shrimp Shell Meal, Sterilized & Steam Dried Clam Meal, Fish Oil, Seafood Extract for Feed, Specialized Feed for the Ornamental/ Aquarium Fish growers and owners.

Our Strengths:

Strategic Coastal Location and Source: ANFL's processing facility is located on the southern coast of Kerala (India), which is a prominent natural landing center of fish and a processing hub for the seafood processing industry. Its proximity to raw material from all the seafood processing centers as well as fresh catch enables ANFL to collect raw material and process within 3-4 hours after the catch, ensuring the highest quality of fresh raw material with minimal handling.

Technologically Advanced Processing: All ANFL products are processed using a specialized low-temperature steam drying and sterilization technique ensuring that there is zero de-nurturing of the product. Our production facility is equipped with the latest continuous process Norwegian feed mill production line.

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